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A Beautiful Reunion

Updated: Jun 27

I think back on where I was a year ago today, shortly after losing my brother. It was a dark place to be, wondering if the sadness ever goes away.

Wondering if I’ll ever just be happy again.

What I’ve learned slowly is that you can still live a very beautiful life with both of those feelings.

“What feels like your loss, is actually a beautiful reunion for someone else.”

A quote I read and didn’t understand at the time... but I’m slowly starting to recognize the beauty in it now.

I painted, collaged and journaled about it this morning.

I found myself writing “enjoy this next adventure” and “thank you for the memories.” As I read through his obituary once more, I found myself drawn to the “preceded in death by” section, and it actually brought a slight smile to my face.

How wonderful I thought, our mom, grandparents and a few friends must be so incredibly happy to see him again.

What a beautiful reunion that must be.

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