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The Climb

Updated: May 3

There’s growth in challenge.

I’ve always been an adventure junkie. Whether it’s participating in obstacle course races like Tough Mudders, exploring the unknown of a new location on various travels, or my recent obsession of rock climbing, I live to seek out new challenges. When I think about why I have developed a new love of the climb, or why I seek to partake in adventures, I truly feel like it’s just an obsession I have with personal growth and figuring things out.

In the climbing gym, standing on the ground, looking up at that wall, you’re evaluating the course and possible routes. Once you get up on the wall, it's a little bit in inevitable to have to "figure it out".

You need to figure out how to gather the physical strength to lift yourself to the next boulder, being strategic and also taking a few risks here and there, but you also need to gather the mental strength to keep going. It's a bit daunting and scary up there.

As I question the "why" behind why I choose to do certain things in my life, I feel like every day I work on trying to get better at something. When you intentionally put yourself and your body under stress and a face a bit of fear...but then you push through and you persevere, it’s not only training you physically but it’s training your mind that you can do hard things.

WE can do hard things on this healing journey.

I want you to think about the last time you pushed yourself.

When was the last time that you forced yourself out of your comfort zone?

When was the last time you left your bubble of safety?

And I’m not saying to go ahead and put yourself in any dangerous situations by any means, but I want you to think about when was the last time that you allowed yourself to be uncomfortable?

To try something new?

To, ultimately, push through and realize you can do it.

There is joy in the journey, when we’re not always looking for the finish line.

What I love about this new hobby of climbing, is that it’s an art.

There is no finish line.

Sure, you can get to the top of a route, but you know there's a more challenging one right behind it.

So, in order to enjoy the climb, you truly have to find joy in the adventure itself.

Because there isn't a finish line.

Find joy in the journey of learning, of improving, of knowing that you’re healing, growing, and getting better, and stronger, a little bit more every single day.

As I reflect on my climb this morning, it was also a moment of learning to pivot. I originally signed up for a yoga class that morning at the climbing gym. I planned to do yoga, maybe a short climb to follow and head home; but as I pulled into the parking lot, I received a call that the yoga class was canceled.

I had two options-

I could’ve turned around and went home, or I could’ve walked through the door anyway and challenged myself with an hour of climbing instead. I chose the latter.

I challenged myself to complete routes I haven't been able to before.

To try new, more difficult routes I have been to afraid to try up to this point.

I'll tell you, my forearms and back muscles are burning like they never have, but I am heading home with a smile on my face and a heart of pride, filled with pure JOY.

I think about the first time I stepped foot in that gym, by myself, stepping into the unknown.

I thought...why not?

As I got halfway up that first wall, my body was literally shaking in fear.

I was looking down at the ground, afraid of heights, not yet trusting the belay system, or trusting myself. I couldn't go up, I couldn't move down.

I was frozen.

But I pushed through.

And I've been pushing through.

Day by day, rock by rock, route by route,

I’ve gotten stronger and my confidence has grown.

I am proud to be on this journey.

I am pushing through the discomfort, through the fear, to find my joy, my strength.

What can you challenge yourself with today?

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