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Welcome to Camino Creative Arts & Adventure

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Hi there! Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while.

Let's get to know one another a bit. I'm Steph, a momma from NE Wisconsin who is obsessed with laughter and making the mundane moments of life fun. I love nature, creating, cooking, art and endless exploration & traveling adventures. I'm currently learning (and hoping!) to become fluent en Español, so if you're a language learner like myself and would like to connect, we are on this camino together...nosotros estamos en este camino juntos. ¡Hablemos! As a whole, I want to create a comfortable space for people to feel, express, heal and learn, while appreciating this adventure of life we are all on . I'm a bit obsessed with empowerment, encouragement and growth, and want to share that passion here in what I create. Being open with what’s on my heart, knowledge nuggets about what I/we may be going through, sprinkled in with a little humor here and there, because laughter in itself can be healing.

Thank you for being here on this creative camino with me.

Buen Camino, Steph

Please leave a comment and let me know why you're here.

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